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It’s A Funeral

Posted by Ian Blyth on 7 July 2009

This morning on the news they showed people in America  picking up their tickets for the Michael Jackson Memorial. They were screaming with joy as if they had won the lottery. It certainly did not sound like they were going to a funeral. This is one of those “events” people have to be at so that they could say that they were there – regardless of whether they like Jackson or not. I thought is was disturbing that they were so overjoyed to get a ticket to a big open air funeral. It says a lot about our society and the effects of idols.

I have seen journalists say that Michael Jackson was a genius and he was the top and other musicians were level 2 and below. The interview asked about the Beatles which flummoxed the sycophant. They use the argument on the number of records sold. Well he may have been popular and sold lots of music but he was not a genius. I think he is more like Sinatra who who also be described as very popular but he would not be classified as a genius. The Beatles on the other did change musica nd their effects are still being felt today – just listen to Oasis!


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