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Posted by Ian Blyth on 16 January 2008

We have a government cabinet minister seeming to have “mistakenly overlooked” donations of £103,000 ($200,000). He must be very rich to be able to ignore that. In which case why does he need the donations? His friends say that he was busy doing his job but if he is trying to go for a high position then surely that is impinging on his day job as he is campaigning? And why do MPs have to mount campaigns to win a post like they are a bar of soap?

Then we have an ex Labour Prime Minister (and supposedly a socialist) taking a role with a large bank for £500,000 per year to help pay for his £3.4 million house. So much for principles.

There seems to be a lot more sleaze and corruption in politics these days. Or maybe it is better reported. It seems that MPs feel they can do these things, get a slap on the wrist (if caught) and carry on. In the past there may have just as much sleaze and corruption but at least if they got caught they would resign. You felt that at least there was some honour with these politicians who had put themselves forward to rule the country and the tried to keep the dignity of the role in the eyes of the public.

I think that is “Teflon” Tony Blair’s legacy. Not invading a country illegally, or squandering the nations wealth on ideologic follies but that politicians can get away with all sorts of behaviors and keep their highly paid (and even more with expenses) jobs. These politicians lament some of the behaviors seen in the country at large but then they are hardly setting a great example. What ever happened to honour?


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