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Mobile Phone Car Use = Jail

Posted by Ian Blyth on 20 December 2007

The UK government has announced that they want to jail people for using mobile phones while driving. They already brought on a law banning use of mobile phones while driving with the punishment of a fine and points on your licence. Even although the police could have used the existing laws. This new vendetta against motorists concerns dangerous driving which is already covered by a law that the police can use.

What has this government got against motorists and especially ones that use mobile phones. I think it is more dangerous to drive with a passenger as they will talk and the natural reaction is to look at them as you would in any conversation to pick up the body language. So will the government ban passengers, listening to the radio and so forth? Fit a detector that would show you were not concentrating on the road which would send an alert to a big government database which they would then lose?

Stupid politicians!


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