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Get Charley Out!

Posted by Ian Blyth on 26 July 2007

I am not normally a Big Brother fan but for some strange reason I am watching this years BB.

And at last Charley is up for a proper eviction and not a fake one. There has been a group outside shouting “Get Charley Out” since the early days but this is the first real chance to do so. And for the first time I have phoned up to cast my vote to get her out.

She is a strange personality proclaiming she is south east London’s IT girl.  Yea Right! She is very insecure internally and that has shown through a number of times but she is also a narcissistic egomaniac and she twists things round to her own view – or has people have called it – Charley’s world. She says she speaks her mind but does not really if you actually listen to her. And she has this annoying way of saying “to tell you the truth” or “it does not bother me” when in fact it is the exact opposite. When she goes off on one (quite frequently – and how does she cope without breathing for so long?) I think she sounds like Vicky Pollard from Little Britain.

She is obviously suffering in the house as people are not looking up to her and telling her how wonderful she is – which they must do in her little province and that is really annoying her. So she has to take it out on others. In reality she is not that pretty unless she is all dressed up with full make up on.

She claims to stand up for herself but does not know when it is diplomatic to stand back and she has only one strategy – go for the kill as loud and as nasty as possible. People have called her a bully. If she were sure in herself she would be assertive in dealing with other people – standing up for herself because she respects herself and therefore others. But as she does not respect herself her strategy is to shout people down. And from comments that have been made like saying she is deliberately nice to people before evictions it is clear she is a scheming two-faced liar. She needs to go.

What worries me is that there are people that want her to stay because she is “entertaining”. When it happens once or twice it is entertaining but all the time is a pain. These people need to retune their entertainment filter. And I can not believe that there are people who actually want her to win! We should not be rewarding behaviour like that. I hope that she gets shunned by the media and goes back to her own little corner of obscurity but I am afraid that someone will try and utilise her negative image to make money out of it. She does not deserve a chance like that – even if it is negative. That type of behaviour should be deemed unacceptable and shunned.

What I would like to see is a record number of people call up and she gets a record percentage of the vote. That would make her Britain’s most hated house mate but then again that might add to her notoriety and give some media idiot a reason to hire her. Just get her out of the house.


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