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Smartphone v Nokia

Posted by Ian Blyth on 25 June 2007

I have been using a Windows based Smartphone for a while. The original one was not that great with a need to recharge every night but the C500 was superb. I like the ability to plug into the USB port and get all my mail, contacts and files automatically synched. If you have Exchange server with SP2 you also get the ability to get push e-mail without the expense of a Blackberry server and monthly charge.

I recently got a new phone with my contract as my PDA/phone was too heavy to carry around socially although great for work. The new phone is a Nokia E65 which can also synch with Outlook but with it’s own software. The one thing that I remembered from my original Nokia that I had years ago was the ability to set an alarm and switch the phone off. This is such a great boon. I am in Seattle at the moment and I am 8 hours behind UK time. If I left my Smartphone on for an alarm there was always a risk that someone would call me as early afternoon in the UK is the middle of the night.

If the Smartphone could do that it would be great. I am not sure why it can not.


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