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Tiswas Reunited

Posted by Ian Blyth on 17 June 2007

ITV ran a program celebrating that most famous of Saturday morning’s children shows – Tiswas. The original cast was there and there were lots of clips from the show. It was great. I have not laughed so much for ages. And it brought back great memories.

The show was great in its day. Totally chaotic and funny and was watched as much by adults as children. It is still funny after all these years. It was great to see Spit the Dog, the Phantom Flan Flinger and Sally James again amongst others.

An interesting comment that Sally made was that they could not do half of what they did back then today. That was the sad part. It just shows how far our politically correct nanny state has encroached on our lives.

If any politician says it is now for the better then they should get flanned! In fact it should be compulsory for politicians to get flanned on a regular basis. And bring back Tiswas!


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