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The Power of A Word

Posted by Ian Blyth on 8 June 2007

Emily was removed from the Big Brother house by saying the n word. It has been speculated that the shock value came from her being white and Charley being black. And it did not help that Charley went on about it and talked to others even though she kept on saying it did not matter. Obviously it did!

The show afterwards with George Galloway where they talked about the matter with an audience was interesting to see the different views.

They use the f word a lot on the show and that would have been equally shocking years ago but it is now common place. Yet it was only in 1961 that Lenny Bruce was arrested for obscenity.

So it seems that a single word still has power today. Power to shock and power to upset people. I suppose until everyone can live a life free from prejudice we are going to have to temper the right of free speech with the reasonability to use it in a sensitive manner.

The phrase used throughout the Spiderman movies was “With great power comes great responsibility”. I suppose free speech is the great power.


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