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Cannibis Farms

Posted by Ian Blyth on 13 March 2007

On the news today they were saying that the police are raiding 3 cannibis farms a day. That UK production is up from 10% to 60% and most seem to be run by Vietnamese gangs.

 I am always wary of police (government) statistics but even still, it is a massive increase in UK production. And a lot easier for criminals than trying to smuggle it in.

 But as always if you attack the supply without trying to reduce the demand you are on a loser. Cannibis rating was lowered – a clear signal from the government that it was not as serious a drug as thought. This must increase demand. And if you you take away supply then that drives up the price which makes it more attractive for criminals as the profit margin is higher. So the police closing them down is just making it more attractive for criminal gangs as they have the resources to do it.

Does one hand know what the other is doing?


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