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Robin Hood and Council Tax

Posted by Ian Blyth on 9 March 2007

I heard on the radio that councils are looking to high tech ariel photos to assess houses to see if they should be paying higher council taxes.

The image that came to mind was that off the Sheriff of Nottingham and his henchmen raiding the villagers for all that they had made and leaving them poor. It seems more councils (and governments in general) want to take our money off us and decide how to spend it in our behalf. Whether we want to or not. Yet if you look at the history of public spending projects it is not that glorious.

Appropriately this is the anniversary of the publication of “Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith who was, like me, born in Kirkcaldy.

So what I want to know is where is our Robin Hood to take back the taxes gouged from us?


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