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It’s Budget Day

Posted by Ian Blyth on 21 March 2007

It is Budget Day in the UK with Gordon Brown doing his 11th budget. Most peopel think it will be his last before he leaps to get the Prime Minister role from Tony Blair.

 Over the years I have noticed one thing about budgets. It does not matter who is the party in power, who is the chancellor, how the economy is doing and it certainly does not matter what they say about giving us money or saving money. All I know is that I seem to always end up paying more. And that sucks. Doubly so as the government do not seem to be very good at spending it.


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Roman Abramovich billionaire divorce

Posted by Ian Blyth on 15 March 2007

 Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea Football Club, and his wife, Irina, have divorced.  He is reckoned to be worth to worth £10.8 billion so if she gets half it is over £5 billion. Nice. For five billion I would marry him! But we would have to have separate bedrooms – I am not like that, you know! But with the money he has he can afford it. And like the majority of women I don’t like football either. So that’s a start.

Actually I have just realised that Irina is worth £5 billion and is soon to be a free agent. Perhaps I shouold drop her a line. Or if she is reading this blog she can leave a comment on where and when to meet. 🙂


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Pay for prison board and lodgings

Posted by Ian Blyth on 14 March 2007

Three men released after being wrongly accused are having to pay for their board and lodgings while they were in prison according to a Law Lords ruling. It is bad enough that the three were in jail for a total of 28 years without having this stupidity foisted on them. They did not want to go there. The law courts sent them there – wrongly.


 So it is true. The law is an ass!

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Cannibis Farms

Posted by Ian Blyth on 13 March 2007

On the news today they were saying that the police are raiding 3 cannibis farms a day. That UK production is up from 10% to 60% and most seem to be run by Vietnamese gangs.

 I am always wary of police (government) statistics but even still, it is a massive increase in UK production. And a lot easier for criminals than trying to smuggle it in.

 But as always if you attack the supply without trying to reduce the demand you are on a loser. Cannibis rating was lowered – a clear signal from the government that it was not as serious a drug as thought. This must increase demand. And if you you take away supply then that drives up the price which makes it more attractive for criminals as the profit margin is higher. So the police closing them down is just making it more attractive for criminal gangs as they have the resources to do it.

Does one hand know what the other is doing?

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Robin Hood and Council Tax

Posted by Ian Blyth on 9 March 2007

I heard on the radio that councils are looking to high tech ariel photos to assess houses to see if they should be paying higher council taxes.

The image that came to mind was that off the Sheriff of Nottingham and his henchmen raiding the villagers for all that they had made and leaving them poor. It seems more councils (and governments in general) want to take our money off us and decide how to spend it in our behalf. Whether we want to or not. Yet if you look at the history of public spending projects it is not that glorious.

Appropriately this is the anniversary of the publication of “Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith who was, like me, born in Kirkcaldy.

So what I want to know is where is our Robin Hood to take back the taxes gouged from us?

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Free game from Microsoft

Posted by Ian Blyth on 8 March 2007

I was checking on Windows Updates and there was a critical download for Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) so I installed it as normal. At the end of the install there was a check box to go to the web site. Normally I would uncheck this but today I left it. On the web site they are trying to preach the advantages of WGA but what caught my eye is that there is a free game for download. I am happy to be bribed to install WGA as all my computers are genuine anyway. If you like these type of games it may be worth a look.

“Match-Up! is a fun new game for Windows XP that tests your memory and matching skills. Flip the cards and match the images while racing against the clock. ”


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