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Spam? What spam?

Posted by Ian Blyth on 22 February 2007

I hear a lot about spam and what a problem it is but I don’t seem to have much of a problem with it. I have 4 main e-mail accounts – Google, Hotmail, BT Internet and work. And I rarely get a spam message into the inbox of any of them. There is spam coming through but it goes into my spam folder which I check every now and then to make sure a real message has not been trapped by the filter. so why is there so much noise about the problem of spam?

If your e-mail provider does not have a good spam filter complain or change providers. If you do not want to change providers then there are many spam filters for mail clients. I understand if it is a dial up and each spam costs money but more and more people are on broadband and it is unlikely to push them over the limit. It would be good if there was a method to make spammers pay for each e-mail. Then they would have to do an ROI to see whether the response they got and therefore sales matched the cost of sending. Which is what companies who post out letters have to do today. If it is not cost effective then they will stop. The law of supply and demand will kick in.


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