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Silly Poem

Posted by Ian Blyth on 31 January 2007

Coloured Farts

If farts were green
They’d be seen
If they’re blue
It’s also true
But if they’re yellow
And very mellow
Then people would think
“That’s a stink!
There’s mustard gas
Coming from his ass!”


One Response to “Silly Poem”

  1. Slarty Bartfast said

    What a great levelling
    there would be,
    if farts were coloured.

    Fortunes would be made
    selling products to bleach
    those noxious gases,
    their pigments to leach

    Doctors could specialise in
    surgical devices fitted secretly,
    containing the problem
    till released discreetly.

    Criminals could be identified
    by their unique vapour trail.
    Convicted by jury
    and sent straight to jail.

    But, as usual the poor
    would have to be happy
    with a disposable diaper,
    or tight fitting nappy.

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