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Government wanted to fund training

Posted by Ian Blyth on 17 January 2007

Sir Digby Jones thinks that the government should do more for education.


Well if a business thinks that their people need trained and it improves the business then they should send their people on training courses. Usually most business do not work out the ROI on training so it becomes more of a soft “perk” and so gets cut. But a sensible business will fund training that helps the business. And if there is a demand for a particular skill then the wages should go up and people will train for it themselves to get the higher wages.

 His main argument though appears to be that the levels of basic education are too low. Hold on isn’t that the schools job (which are compulsory until 16) and the Labour government made a big play out of that 10 years ago when it came to power. Apart from taxing us to levels way above what the UK have seen for years what real improvements has there been in education?

And as the Adam Smith Institute point out as well as being the top of the tax pile it is driving business away which then reduces taxes collected. A self defeating policy made all the more idiotic as the government haven’t improved education and the NHS as they “promised”.  I know, how much value can you put on a politician’s promise?


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