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Does online shopping rule?

Posted by Ian Blyth on 12 December 2006

Deb Shinder at WXPNews mentioned some of the pros about shopping online. http://www.wxpnews.com/archives/wxpnews-256-20061211.htm

As a man I like online shopping but there are benefits to doing “real” shopping. You don’t go online to do “window shopping” so you miss out on those serendipitous purchases that just “catch your eye”. Usually you have a focus to go online, find the cheapest, securest, best delivery option item, purchase and move on. I find that very practical for buying books and CDs that I know I want and are the same wherever you go. Plus are easy to post. For big items you have to be at home to receive them otherwise it is a big palaver to then collect them from some depot miles away.

Also there is no social aspect to shopping on line. Women stop more for coffee and chats than they do actual shopping. Generally men go into hunter mode and want to make the “kill” and get out as quickly as possible. I remember years ago when people (mainly IT people who were male) said that online shopping would take over. I disagreed. Mainly due to the social aspect of shopping – especially for women with their friends but also the postage problem and when I buy clothes I like to tray them on and “feel” them. The texture is important. Some online retails allow you to try for a certain amount of days and then send back for a refund if you don’t like it but you still have to pay for the postage both ways. I don’t think the shops will go out of business (not everyone has a computer anyway) but they do need to modify their strategy to take account of the growing trend of on line shopping. And if they could come up with a better delivery system like evenings and weekends at a time that I specify then I would do more online.


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