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Death of a President

Posted by Ian Blyth on 25 October 2006

An interesting film done as pseudo documentary about events triggered on 19th Oct 2006. It was shown on TV that day. The subject was the assignation of George W. Bush. It could have been better. It did show how because a person was Muslim they were the main suspect and they were convicted even when other evidence was brought up that contradicted the evidence. But then the politicians wanted a public showing and not justice.

It brought up a topic that I have thought about before. Why does a president (or prime minister etc) need to have that level of security around them at the taxpayers expense? They want those high offices so the fact that they might be assassinated should be part of the job. They are supposed to be public servants and not public lords. After all there are plenty of politicians wanting to take on the job. Or maybe not if they do not get protected. That would make them think twice. Politicians should be protected by the police but only to the same level as the rest of the public. So if the general public gets a 4 hour response from the police then so should the politicians. No favouritism.

Unfortunately these guys protect themselves as they control the police, army, secret service etc. They make it seem like they are indispensable. They are not.


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