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John Reid

Posted by Ian Blyth on 5 October 2006

I was appalled at the speech he gave at the weekend. This comes from the man who ignored his Army chiefs who said it would be too much of a strain to fight on two fronts and British troops are now under terrible conditions and are being killed in Afghanistan.

He was responsible for putting the airports on full alert even though they had captured the alleged terrorist whop were plotting. An empty measure to try and reassure the public that the Government were in control and being strong. He caused more chaos than the terrorists.

I think Ryan Air was right to sue the Government over that one. An interesting take on it and also the governments attitudes to nuclear power at

His latest thinking on protecting our freedoms and stopping terrorists is to take away our freedom. Well that is an oxymoron.

See story at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/5257518.stm

“None of us should be anything other than vigilant and that vigilance is the price of securing our freedom,” he said.

Well there is a price for freedom and vigilance is fine.

He also said the “challenge to all of us” means “we may have to modify some of our freedoms in the short-term in order to prevent their misuse and abuse by those who oppose our fundamental values and would destroy our freedoms and values in the long-term”.

Absolute nonsense. Historically when freedoms have been taken away, regardless whether they were short term or not, the government does not willingly give them back. It usually takes some sort of upheaval. Terrorism is a fact and in the UK we should know this better than most having had the IRA plant bombs for many years. Soldiers die for their country and if we have deaths, and no-one wants that, then we must consider that a price we may have to pay rather than restricting us and reducing our freedoms. If we do that then the terrorists have won.

He said he was frustrated by the number of people who should be better informed, but “who just don’t get it”. Well it is him that does not get it. But then he is a politician so what do you expect. I think we can forget about the oxy part when talking about him and his oxymorons.

And now he wants to be the new leader of the Labour Party which would make him Prime Minister until the next election. If that happens then it is time to leave the country.

John Reid, http://www.johnreidmp.com/ is the UK Secretary of State for The Home Department


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