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Posted by Ian Blyth on 1 October 2006

Recently there have been a few programs on about the 100 Greatest Films and the 100 Greatest No 1s. This got me thinking about how you define the greatest. Is it by:-

  • influence – and how do you judge that?
  • sales – well that is just a measure of popularity
  • critics choice – but they have their preferences and prejudices.  

When watching these programs it transpires that the list was created by viewers’ votes. So it is not really the greatest but the most popular films or No 1s from people who watch that channel, saw the request for votes and took the trouble to vote. But I suppose that is not as catchy as saying the greatest.  

If all the people in the world watched all the films ever made and then rated them to get a top 100 would that then be the greatest? I think that still is the most popular. I don’t think that the greatest is a term that we can use and I don’t really know how you would judge what are the top 100 greatest of anything. 


One Response to “Greatest”

  1. Chris said

    I agree with you. How can you create a definitive list of “greatest” whatever? I’ve always thought that it is just something to create controversy and get people talking. Stir up a little publicity for them. I see it a lot with American sports magazines and radio. It is funny how upset some callers get when someone is ranked too high, too low, or not at all. I admit I like the lists. They are good for blog traffic and discussions too.

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