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Posted by Ian Blyth on 26 September 2006

The IBM TV ads were great. All you needed to say to someone was two blue bars – top and bottom and they said IBM – even if they had nothing to do with IT. Great advertising. 

Shame about the recent set in the magazines– the ones in white with characters called Gil and Ned. You know these were US ads as UK advertisers would not use people called Gil and Ned. Well I hope they wouldn’t!  

What made me smile was a recent one about a department that is frozen – literally. But it is just a metaphor for hard coded and inflexible systems and therefore being locked in. And the answer is to use IBM – to avoid being locked in! This definitely swings it to being done in the US. In general I have found Americans don’t have a great sense of irony. More’s the pity. The irony of it is funnier than all the supposed humour in the ads.


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