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Forgive and forget

Posted by Ian Blyth on 27 September 2006

Impossible. We are trained from small children to remember. At school the emphasis is on learning things and then regurgitating them at exam time and so we are constantly rewarded for remembering. As adults we love quiz shows – even when the questions are about obscure topics we know nothing about. 

Under hypnosis people can pull out all sorts of information stored that their conscious mind might not even remember. It is all still there. 

Next time you are asked to forgive and forget tell them you can forgive but you can never forget.


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Posted by Ian Blyth on 26 September 2006

The IBM TV ads were great. All you needed to say to someone was two blue bars – top and bottom and they said IBM – even if they had nothing to do with IT. Great advertising. 

Shame about the recent set in the magazines– the ones in white with characters called Gil and Ned. You know these were US ads as UK advertisers would not use people called Gil and Ned. Well I hope they wouldn’t!  

What made me smile was a recent one about a department that is frozen – literally. But it is just a metaphor for hard coded and inflexible systems and therefore being locked in. And the answer is to use IBM – to avoid being locked in! This definitely swings it to being done in the US. In general I have found Americans don’t have a great sense of irony. More’s the pity. The irony of it is funnier than all the supposed humour in the ads.

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UK Police Crack Down on Cannabis Farms

Posted by Ian Blyth on 25 September 2006

A news item today says that the police will be cracking down on cannabis farms. Apparently the amount if home grown cannabis has risen from 10% to 60%. How do they know this? Since it is illegal and not taxed how do they track that figure? If they know, then they have been allowing it to grow and not taken action. So why now? Otherwise they are just making up the figures.


If it is true then surely that is good for the economy. Less imports and more jobs.


The trouble with attacking the source and destroying the farms is that they do not reduce the demand they just reduce the supply which puts up the price and makes importing it more lucrative.

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A bad year for Sony

Posted by Ian Blyth on 21 September 2006

What has happened to Sony? First there was the root kit fiasco. Then they said that the PS3 will be delayed again and now they will lose millions from the battery recall. I don’t think Sony will look at 2006 as a great year.

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Hungarian Politicians

Posted by Ian Blyth on 21 September 2006

Hungarian people were outraged that their prime miniter has lied and took to the streets. They obviously had not heard the old joke:

Q: How can you tell if a politician is lying?
A: You can see their lips moving!

My favourite quotes on politicians are from Billy Connolly.

“The desire to be a politician should ban you from ever being one.”

“Don’t vote for them. It only encourages them.”

Voting would be better if there was a box on the form that you could tick to say that you did not like any of the candidates.

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